Cessna 172 Engine Failure

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A normal GA flight from KAVX to KAVX gone wrong… Ditched…

Waiting at the gate, fuelling up and loading up!

Lining up on the runway!


Things going good

Engine: Imma 'boutta ruin this mans whole plane Proceeds to shut down

We’re gonna have to ditch…

Touchdown! Everyone is safe and the people’s will wait for the USCG to rescue them!

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Great job, another air disaster.

This made me laugh inside.

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Thanks! Made me laugh too!

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I’m crying omg

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I’ve succeeded!

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@Jamster manages to land the 172 with no engine

Me: Unable to land the 172 with a working engine


@USCG_Virtual We got a problem.

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Love that dark blue runway. Is it a new addition? (Just kidding I know that water is solid in IF)

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Nice pictures; Captain SullyJamster prepared for ditching. 😀


Like the story!

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i have the emergency checklist