Cessna 172 Delivery flight - Leg 1

Howdy all!

I absolutely love the Cessna 172. It’s a beautiful aircraft. With this great new rework, I am taking the opportunity to deliver a Cessna 172 fitted with G1000 displays to my flight school in KHPN.

Today, I flew leg 1 from KCEA - KLUK. My routing was: KCEA COU CSX MALRY CVG KLUK

Server: Expert
Aircraft: Cessna 172 - G1000

Golden hour as I taxi to runway 35

Holding 72 knots during climb after a crosswind takeoff

Passing over KCOU airport (COU VOR) and now on to CSX. Cruising at a nice 7000 feet.

Descending past KLUK as I enter the downwind for runway 25

Short final for 25

Well that’s it. Tomorrow morning I head to HPN! I hope the night photos weren’t too hard to see…

Either way, see you all around!