Cessna 172-Cross Country for Burgers

Hello community, over the past few weeks the weather has been really bad with lots of flooding so today the weather was perfectly clear and so myself, my brother and a friend decided to fly 70 miles east to grab you guessed it burgers!
Departure Our schedule departure time of 11:00 was pushed back due too some technical stuff. This was my brothers leg so he was PIC and I was in charge of the radios. We got too the airport at about 10:40 to start the preflight and such while I went too my friends house and picked him up. He took forever getting ready and so by the time we got back to the airport we were ready too go and by this time it was 11:20. After starting up, we taxied down too runway 1 and did a run up. At 11:30 am we departed runway 1 and made our turn to the west at 3000 feet.
Cruise We got to the cruising altitude of 3000 feet for this shirt 67 mile trip. We had a 6 knot tailwind so we made some time up there.!
**Landing ** As we got closer to KRUE, we decent down to 1,400 feet which is the TPA and crossed the field for the left downwind runway 7. After my brother buttered the bread on Runway 7, we taxied to the FBO, shut down the airplane and got a crew car to go eat. Here are some pictures:


Wow! I can’t imagine flying just to get some food, although I do see a lot of people do it. Maybe I’ll understand when I’m a pilot 😉

Nice photos!


It’s absolutely great too do. And was such a beautiful day not too so why not get food

Burritos to hamburgers. Is stir fry next? That burger looks amazing btw. Who knows, maybe instead of food trucks there will be food planes. You’ll probably be the first to invent that.


😂 get an old B-1 Lancer and start dropping food packages like bombs


I have no idea what’s next. That’s the fun about flying though


That Must have been fun. Wish I could do that everyday!

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How were the burgers a😉

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They were great. Throughly enjoyed them

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Well, here comes Food War I! Hey, who dropped that crate of sandwiches on my dad’s scooter?

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Does your family (or brother) own this aircraft or is it rented?

Is renting an aircraft for a day worth it?

We rent it at a fairly good price. The guy I rent from also happens to be a A&P with an AI certificate so he owns and maintains the airplane. My brother is the same age as me so he doesn’t own it.LOL. And I would say of course. He’s pretty laid back and is very particular too who he rents too so usually the airplane is very open and rarely do I have to have it back at a certain time

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You should start recording these flights, they seem interesting!

I do record some of my flights! This was just a relaxing flight with no cameras

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There is a restaurant at an airport just outside of Houston, in Brenham, that a lot of Houston pilots fly to. They have fantastic food and great atmosphere! There is also one on another airport in Arizona that has fantastic food. It’s at Love Field (KPRC) in Prescott.

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