Cessna 172 Controls

Hi everyone,
I’ve been wondering for a while now what the different options in the systems > engines. I’m not sure what IGN Left, IGN Right, Tank Left, Right or Both, etc etc. Just anything from that general area.
If anyone can help? That would be truly wonderful:)

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Not completely sure about the ignitions, however it has to do with which ignitions are used to start the engine/keep the engine running. Tank Left/Right/Both refers to which fuel tank the plane will use fuel from. I recommend keeping it on both so the balance of the plane doesn’t get tipped as fuel drains from on side.

However, I recommend going to #tutorials and looking through the various ones on the C172 to get a more in depth and wider knowledge of the aircraft!

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For ignition, there are two sets of magnetos. In regular instances just leave it on IGN BOTH. The two sets of magnetos are a form of redundancy in real life, so that the engine doesn’t fail if one set fails.

There are two fuel tanks, so just keep it at “both” so that you don’t drain out all the fuel in one tank.

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@Liam06 well there is your answer complete! Thanks @TOGA for helping with the ignition part!

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Thanks! These are the answers I was looking for.
1 More question… Does anyone know how to maintain a steady vs whilst climbing in the 172? I’ve tried but my cd has been at max, 500 (that’s not very high)

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Not sure, haven’t flow the C172 much. I would keep throttle and mixture at 100% if you want a steeper climb. Also if you struggle maintaining a steady VS while hand flying, I would turn on AP for VS

If you’re not sure, why comment?

The 172 doesnt climb fast, its really slow because it’s a small engine on a small aircraft. I climb at 400ft/min for a stable ride.

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@Mags885 Thanks for the vs recommendation and nice find with the Cessna cockpit page.
@Lud_d I’m similar to you… don’t fly too much. Thanks for the help

does anyone know what fuel pump is??? Sorry i have a lot of questions 😂

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It’s the part that pumps the fuel… easy.

Just ask away! No one is here to judge
To add some realism to your Cessna flight, you could do magneto check during a run up. (Perfectly fine if you don’t though)


@Mags885 Why would we use fuel pump though?

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To pump fuel to the engine

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To keep the fans running so you won’t sweat as much when it stops mate!😂

On a serious note, fuel pumps are to ensure a steady feed of fuel, cmiiw cause im just here to crack that joke sorry

All of these answers are pretty generic, so I’ll try to chime in here with my real-world knowledge.

The gravity fed fuel system on the 172 has 2 fuel pumps, one engine driven and the other electrical driven. The engine driven fuel pump acts as the primary pump, delivering fuel to the fuel/air control unit, where it is metered and directed to a fuel distribution valve (manifold) which distributes it to each cylinder.

The electric fuel pump can supply fuel to the engine should this system fail. It is also used to supply fuel pressure to the engine on start (generally for a few seconds with the mixture rich, idle cutoff, and then fuel pump comes off). The fuel pump switch that you see in the 172 is the electrical fuel pump. There’s no reason that your engine driven fuel pump should fail in flight, so the only use for it would be on start.


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