Cessna 172 Checklist - Infinite Flight

Hello folks!

It’s me. I’ve been thoroughly enjoying the recently updated Cessna 172, especially with all the new features it brings. It is detailed, and IFLLC did such a great job bringing us an amazing aircraft.

I wanted to make this checklist for people who may have been having some trouble starting up this wonderful bird. If you have any questions or comments, please let me know. Thanks!

Cessna 172 Checklist - Infinite Flight


Before Start:

Fuel Quantity - Checked

Weight & Balance - Checked

Doors - Closed

Pilot Briefing - Complete

Engine Start:

Avionics - Off

Fuel tank - Both

Throttle - 10%

Mixture - Full Lean (0%)

Park Brakes - Set

Standby battery - On, verify working

Master switches - On

Beacon Light - On

Mixture - Full Rich (100%)

Ignition - Start

After engine catches; Ignition - Both

Lights - As required

Mixture - Lean for ground ops (80%)

Pre-Taxi / Taxi:

Avionics - On

Flaps - Up

ATIS - Obtain

Brakes - Test

Taxi Clearance - Received (If active ATC)


Brakes - Set

Fuel tank - Both

Trim - Set for takeoff

Flight controls - free and correct

Mixture - Best power (100% for normal elevation airports)

Throttle - Increase to 1800 RPM

Ignition - Right. Check RPM drop is no more than 150

Ignition - Both

Ignition - Left. Check RPM drop is no more than 150

Ignition - Both

Engine instruments - Checked

Idle (575-625 RPM)

Check engine stable

Engine power - 10% (800+ RPM)


Flaps - 0-10

Mixture - Best power

Doors/Windows - Closed

Landing Light - On

Strobe Light - As required

Abort plan - ready


Full throttle

Rotate - 55 knots

Climb speed - 72 knots

Flaps - Up


70-85 knots

Mixture - As req (100% for normal elevation airports)

Displays - Checked


Mixture - Set for best fuel burn. 60-80%

Power - 2200-2500 RPM


Mixture - Richen (100% for normal elevation airports)

Fuel tank - Both

ATIS - Obtain


Landing Light - On

Autopilot - Off

Mixture - Best Power (100% for normal elevation airports)

Fuel tank - both

Flaps - as req


Flaps - Full (Or as required)

Approach speed - 65 knots

Power - Full

Positive Rate climb

Flaps - Retract slowly

After Landing:

Flaps - Up

Strobes - Off

Landing light - As required

Mixture - As required (Lean for ground ops)

Trim - takeoff

Engine Shut Down:

Park Brake - On

Avionics - Off

Mixture - Full lean

Ignition - Off

Master Switches - Off

Standby battery - Off

Fuel Tank - Left or Right

Lights - Off

Have fun flying this beautiful bird!


Hi there! Can you please elaborate more on the mixture settings (eg percentages) A lot of people (like me) don’t understand. Love this by the way.


Absolutely. It ends up varying depending on many factors, although I can try my best. I don’t entirely know the percentages for high-altitude takeoffs and landings, if anyone is good at those.


Make sure you close your windows. I forgot originally.

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Going to bookmark this. Maybe copy and paste everything into a doc and print it. Thanks so much, I really needed this!
They also have these online as well and they are somewhat compatible

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Got this bookmarked. Thanks!

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Gonna save this somewhere, thank you for taking your time to make something so useful

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Thank you Will I appreciate it. Now I know the order of stuff.

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This is brilliant. Maybe at the beginning from personal experience we check flaps and lights are all working before doing much else. So full lights and flaps to verify and then continue on with the normal checklist …

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It should be rich. Not best power. Always rich for takeoff. Then lean as in cruise

Set 1/4 inch

Should be set before start incase of engine fire or other necessary.

Pre start, prior taxi- check magnetos left and right, and check for dead cut

Nearly there matey. Just a few minor things. I’m a 172 student pilot so if any of y’all like a real life answer of video of the checklist, happily PM me :)

Also I have a 172 checklist if y’all need any touching up on any of the checklist parts. @me Also. Happy to help :)


Unless you are in a high elevation airport. Full rich in high elevation will flood the engine

You can’t do that in IF. It is equal to approx 800-1000 RPM, which is about 10%.

Read the checklist. The engine hasn’t been started yet.


@Will_A MaxSez; Try thus one… I posted it yesterday:


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Do you idle once you pass the threshold?

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Thanks for representing us 172 pilots

Isn’t this a general checklist though. I’ll look in my irl checklist in a minute

Mixture should be rich. As specified in the Checklist

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I also have a G1000 checklist I can post when I get home


Oh nice. Would love to see. As much as we have IF sim pilots on here, it helps to have pilots who fly the 172 irl who can provide true, real life procedures and information

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Indeed. Simflying can only get you so far you need first hand experience


I turn on my avionics before I start the engine just my preface