Cessna 172 bug?

Is it normal that the cessna 172 pulls to the left on take off? One can if the cessna pulls to the left only with full rudder against it. I’ve reinstalled the app several times. Is that normal?

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Well it may be due to winds and or you were too slow on takeoff with your weight so it was crabbing on it’s way up… I would try applying a little rudder early and set you weight lower and see what happens from there… if it’s still a promblem let me know

I would also recommend taking a look at these post


No I had 1 kt backwind and only 30 minutes fuel.

Well that is very unusual… take a look at that first topic I linked and see if you find your answer… it seemed that uninstalling and reinstalling was fixing the issue you are having… try that redownload the planes and see if it will not pull left so hard

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As I said app reinstalled several times. The plane was also under mtow

That’s no bug, it’s because of your propellor.


So the wind of your propellor pushes the aircraft to the left.


To add on to what Mr. Maxim said, the Cessna 172 was one of the first aircraft to be added to the Infinite Flight App. It really hasn’t been updated since then…

Throughout the General Aviation Club on IF, we’ve seen that the C172 is the hardest of General Aviation Aircraft to control especially with just a tad bit of wind. We have brought it up with FDS and hopefully we can see it updated in the future

Here’s a Another image from a slightly different perspective:
Note the propeller is spinning Counterclockwise as the other forces are going toward… (wind travels with moving forces)


Hi there,
This can be an issue with some aircraft but what speeds are you rotating at?
Sometimes if you leave it to late the plane will start to lose control.

Also make sure auto coordination is off


@D-MELC I had this same issue in the past, so my suggestion to fix it is, once you get to around 30-40 KIAS, start adding some rudder to negate the pull of the prop, this works for me pretty well.


Solid advice, and to add in case you have auto coordination turned on, be sure to calibrate your device before entering the runway. I keep my thumb on the rudder with the 172 at all times during take off roll, with a slight right rudder on acceleration. Add more as needed while you’re building airspeed, rotation around 55kts with reasonable weight on board (eg. one pilot, one pax, full fuel). Try that out, and of course mind the wind.


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