Cessna 172 automatic A/P disconnect

Today i was at KLAX in a Cessna 172 and moments after takeoff the aircraft’s autopilot disengaged automatically and even though the device was calibrated and in level the plane veered to the left and nosedived into the ground.

I’ve had that problem too. Sometimes, you need to reload the app or recalibrate…

Were there any strong winds?

they could have been a stall possible. or if the aircraft is moved around to much it will disconnect

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Yes, stalls are very common with the 172…

no strong winds

no, it wasn’t a stall ,
the aircraft was at nearly 90 knots

sometimes if the aircraft moved to much or banking to much it will disconnect

Were you on live or solo?


Sometimes the A/P will disconnect itself if either.

  • A stall is imminent
  • Bank angle is too great
  • Up or down attitude is too great
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sometimes, IF bugs because there are too many people playing near you…


thank you for the spport
i did the same again but this time nothing happened .
maybe it was because of bank angle ,

Oh well, i’m Out of ideas… sorry…

thanks for your time

You’re welcome!

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