Cessna 172 At 65,800ft

Hi i know i shouldnt be making a topic for this but i was on route from LSGG to LFPG and i found this cessna at 65,800ft. Is that even possible?

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He might have used the space glitch. Peopje were getting XCubs to 100,009 FT

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That’s @Chicken_IFC doing his usual stuff, you know, casually flying high above everyone else 🛫


Yeah, but im on expert server wouldn’t they receive like a gazillion warnings and violations?

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violations are magic


There’s no limit as to how high you can fly. I saw him as well, wonder how long it took to get up that high.

Yeah same
looks at flight time

Holy guacamole

Y’all really thought the egg was the Atari game…

When in fact it’s the Concorde


Flight Time 4:20 hours

Cruise altitude FL870

Thanks to @Chicken_IFC for inspiring me.


Oh wow, that’s some crazy speed

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I knew I wasnt going crazy

What vs do you climb at? 😂

have a look here for IRL: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1uFlReovvnI

Amazing what the cessna range of aircraft can do…

MaxSez: The following tune was selected for those special persona who choose to use this Simulator & Forum to publicly push their “Toy Land” agenda like flying to the Moon and Altitude records in the incapable IF inventory. (Fishing Topic’s like this one draws guppies)
Pay particular attention to the “When You Grow Up Stanza” Text and emulate it.

Don’t worry Max, it was on Casual and sometimes I enjoy a break from trash haulers


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