Cessna 172 Altitude Records

Hey guys!

Similar to the thread for when the XCub came out, I thought it would be fun to see how high you can possibly climb the C172!

The Cessna 172 in real life has a service ceiling of approx. 13,000 feet.

Remember to post a screenshot for proof of your epic piloting skills!

The same rules apply:

1). You must not takeoff from a high elevation airport, as that’s considered cheating.
2). You must complete the flight on Training or Expert Server, to avoid altering the weather.

How high can you climb?

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One thing, people have had the C172 at 100,000 feet😂 There was a bug and people where in space pretty much, but still had control over the aircraft

Funny story actually.

I am currently on the Casual Server flying from Anchorage to New York in an XCub at 110,000 and Mach 5.61 (the Mach number keeps increasing too)


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Yeah! Take a look at all of my instruments 😂

Maybe, this should be held off until that gets fixed, as everything will be unrealistic 😂

How did you do that?

Maybe, it shouldn’t get fixed 😂

I climbed at 1500 fpm for a while, keeping an eye on my airspeed. After a while, I could climb at 2,000 fpm. Now, I’m here.


I changed my mind. I’m going to London 😂

Y’all should spot me on LiveFlight

That’s me! I’m going to London.

What’s your ETE to Dest? 😁

I think we’re getting off topic. We should create a different topic for this.

Anyway, back to the 172! How high can you climb?

42:00 and getting less and less (GS keeps increasing)

Something’s not right… because I’ve just flown the 172 to FL410-420, and it was showing no signs of nearing a ceiling. It seemed to climb better as the air got thinner…

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Yeah, it did that with the XCub. It’s Infinite Flight, I guess and there’s only so much that the devs can do for some things. Personally, I like it. I can fly super-ultra-hyper-sonic 😂

Shall I put 41,000 feet as your record? 😁

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At what height is “high”?

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Just not something like Denver where you start and you’re already 5,000 MSL.

For specifics, I would say anything under 1,000 MSL. That gives you plenty to work with.

Got mine up to 97,000 couldn’t quite get to 100k

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Whoops posted wrong screenshots was only at 69k there 😂