Cessna 152

Cessna 152

VH-UNX tied down at Archerfield Airport (YBAF) on a cool winter afternoon


The Cessna 152 is an American two seater, fixed tricycle-gear, mostly used for flight training and personal use. Introduced in 1977, it was based on the Cessna 150, where over 7500 units were produced over 8 years (1). Although production has stopped since 1985, it is still a popular aircraft in the skies.


Seats: 2

Fuel capacity: 26 Gal
Usable: 24.5 Gal

Max Takeoff Weight: 1670 lbs
Max Landing Weight: 1670 lbs

Takeoff Speed: 55kts
Maneuvering speed: 104kts
Max Speed: 149kts


Why should it be added? The C152 is found all over the world, operating for personal and flight training use. It is a great General Aviation aircraft to do some scenic flying around the Bahamas or maybe Tahiti. The aircraft could also help people training in the C152, where they can practice what they've learned during training.


VH-WRQ (Red)
VH-UNX (Above)
S2-AEX (Blue)

Beautiful aircraft. I actually did my first flight flight this (in real life, of course). I’ll see if I can clear up a vote.

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A very nice request and it looks a nice aircraft!

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G-BGAE is my favorite C152 livery. it fits so well.


The aircraft I mostly train in is a C152. I’ll clear up a vote!

(My own image)

If the C152 is ever announced, I’ll be desperate for the devs to add my C152. Only problem is this is the only one in the entire world. Like there’s no other like it, becuase my flying club is so small and uses different aircraft rip.


arent you 13. unless your talking a flight in passenger

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Yeah, I am. My grandmother got me a flight lesson for my 12th birthday.


wow that was really lucky for you and nice for her. enjoy! i am really jealous!

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Daaaang I literally wanted to create a topic for this yesterday !

Lucky you! I’d love to fly on a GA aircraft one day, haven’t got the chance yet. :/


This livery would be perfect :)


Hey @Panther! This is a great proposal! however, I feel it is too similar to the C172 to be added right now when there are more pressing planes that need to be redone or added, like the 767, 757, a330, a380, a340, embraces, etc. Hopefully this can be added in the far future though!


I was looking at this plane wanting to buy it and we almost put down a offer for 22k which for how this plane looked seemed extremely cheep and if I couldn’t buy it IRL it would be awesome in IF next best thing

you got my vote


So wish this plane could be added to IF

I almost bought this plane C:

such a nice aircraft and would be so awesome to have something between the C172 and the XCUB



I think a 152 would be a very good airplane to put in infinite flight. It is the trainer of all trainers. We need more GA in infinite flight, I think this would be a good option. Even if it had the sparrow hawk conversion, extra power and performance. If it had a garmin in 430 or 530. It would be a great ifr airplane.

An important aircraft used throughout the world for training and recreation. Voted, would definitely love to see it come to Infinite Flight to join the fleet of GA aircraft already available.