Cessna 152

Good evening everyone,

I of course accept everyone to give their answer related to this thread but I would prefer general aviation pilots to answer this.

How do you find the Cessna 152? Is it a good plane to take flying classes?

My aeronautical exams are in may and I will start my classes in June/July. I have to know on which plane I would like to start.

Finally, would you advice me to start on the Robin DR400 or the C152?

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I fly a Cessna 152 and I find it a very reliable airplane. The controls are easy to learn. I flew it on my solo cross country and did not have one hiccup with it. It flies like the Cessna 172 but only two people and slower cruise airspeed. Hope this helps.

Having flown both planes, I tend to prefer the Cessna. Much more convenient. The DR400 is great for long journeys (more spacious and the visibility is amazing). However the handbrake makes it really annoying when it comes to braking, also beware that the speed quadrant is in km/h and not in knots when can create confusions in a busy airspace (real life story right there). The Cessna is an amazing plane, very forgiving and agile, the only bothering thing is the confort. I hate the door design which makes the flying very uncomfortable after a few hours.

So try both. They’re both good airplanes. I tend to prefer the Cessna though.
Ça sent le BIA tout ça :) bonne chance!


Thanks Ryan & Axel :)

I think my decision is done! Thanks a lot for your opinion. I have noticed that Axel, really confusing. I often fly with the Aerosoft Robin DR400, the km/h is something really confusing!

I would love to have some more advice by other GA Pilots!

Oui haha Axel :)) Le BIA en mai, avec l’option anglais aéronautique. L’épreuve se déroulera le 25 mai. Je veux ensuite m’inscrire à l’aéroclub Air France de Toussus-Le-Noble. Le Cessna 152 coûte beaucoup moins cher (~130€) contrairement au DR400 (~180€) - mais je pense que le DR400 est un 180CV. J’hésite parce-que j’ai un ami à Toulouse qui prend des cours sur DR400 - et il l’aime beaucoup!

Merci en tout cas :)


Option anglais c’est trop facile. Normalement tu as 20 tranquille :)
Ça doit être un DR400 Régent pour qu’il coûte 180e de l’heure. C’est nul Toussus, regarde du coté d’Enghien- Moiselles c’est beaucoup plus sympa et tu as l’ATIS du Bourget et de Roissy. Et le terrain est bien mieux si tu veux mon avis :) personnellement je vole à LFOF principalement (maison de campagne) et j’ai fait quelques atterrissages à LFFE et LFPN.

Selon moi, LFPN sera plus académique alors que LFFE est plus convivial même au niveau de la plate-forme.

I haven’t flown the robin, but the Cessna is a fantastic, reliable, great starter plane…very responsive, such a pleasure to fly!

I would chose the Cessna of I had to pick