Cessna 152 Aerobatic Version

I would like to have this awesome aircraft in IF as I have finally got to get up in one today (09/28/2019) as my first lesson today. It is such an awesome aircraft and handles beautiful.
Here are some specs:

Physical Description

High wing, two seat single engine general aviation trainer.




Overall: Aluminum


  • Wingspan: 9.9 m (32 ft. 8.5 in.)
  • Length: 7.3 m (24 ft. 1 in.)
  • Height: 2.6 m (8 ft. 6 in.)
  • Weight: Empty 517 kg (1,139 lbs.)
  • Weight: Gross 760 kg (1,600 lbs.)
  • Top speed: 204 km/h (127 mph.)
  • Engine: Lycoming O-235-L2C, 110 hp

G rating specs
+3 Gs
-6 Gs

Some images

Image credits go to me as I took them this morning before and during my flight.

I would love to have the registration:

As that was the aircraft I flew this morning.

Hi there. Please make sure you only have 1 image in your request as it states in the #features category.

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I just fixed it and I made sure to vote for it

What do you mean?

I thought you meant a different plane, the twin isle one seated plane, the Cessna 208

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It’s ok mate we all make mistakes it’s human nature