Cessna 108 Caravan

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Recently I was just checking out different planes when I noticed something quite weird about the Cessna 108 Caravan. As you can clearly see whenever you go to the cockpit of this specific aircraft there are no live instruments or a flight display.
I understand that the infinite flight team are busy with other updates but they could at least add stickers like other aircraft’s. The Cessna isn’t really a difficult plane to design/model and they should have just added stickers/live instruments at the start.
I’m not saying there has to be a live instrument panel but at least don’t leave it plain 😐.

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Firstly, I hope you’re well. The Cessna 208 model in Infinite Flight is a lot older compared to the newer aircraft models which include live instruments. At the time that the Cessna 208 was added into the game the standard and quality of aircraft was a lot lower than what we have today, therefore the reason why the Cessna 208 doesn’t have live instruments.

You are more than welcome to and strongly encouraged to vote for the Cessna 208 rework which is linked below. It’s the best way to show your support if you would like to see the Cessna 208 reworked in the future which would include the addition of live instruments.

Hope you have a great day!

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Ok thanks 😃😃

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