Cesna 172 - 100k ft, 1000 Ground Speed

Flight physics???


What did you do?


I’m gonna assume you paused the game on solo for awhile then went back and ended the flight and when you replayed the flight it took you to space, assuming you were flying on solo.

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I climbed normally: D

Erm…I think this might be a glitch 😂😂😂

And you climbed at 500 ish vs for like 40 minutes?

Maybe you lost connection to the server.

I climbed sometimes from 500 / m to 5000 / m …Connect - normal …

5000 a minute shouldn’t be possible

Hmm who knows. Hope you enjoyed your space adventures.


I climbed 1h31m …:D


I recently saw someone on Expert Server flying at 511kts, 73000 ft on Expert Server near Madrid… I thought my glasses were broken… till I took them off and… it’s still up there :/

I mean hey, Singapope was something, but this is a whole nother thing 😎


Change this to support or wait for Seb I guess. This shouldn’t happen.

@Captain_JR sorry :) that was me - rest assured my c172 was carbon fibre reinforced, engine modified, pilot had o2 tanks and the pilot also had a parachute…

@Adrian_Rejman I also did this yesterday.

All jokes aside, I have 14 hours of ppl experience in the uk (not much I know) between the c152 and c172 and i’m still not convinced about the physics at the moment aside from the fact I can go >mach1 in a c172…

The mixture control doesn’t work and the engine should start to loose power circa >3-4,000 feet when you start leaning off from rich to lean on the mixture to keep engine rpm, but it doesn’t…


I knew it!! Chicken(s) can fly after all 😎

No need to apologies, I was too focused on your Altitude than mine upon approach at Madrid 😅

The same thing happened to me yesterday. Was tryna land a DL A350 at DTW, watched the replay, and it slowly had me climbing. I think the replay ended when I was at like FL2M (2 million feet ASL) but it made for some amazing views so…

@thenewpilot this is something different I believe, its a bug when you watch replays.

What this post is talking about / I’m talking about is flying live on servers (no replay) and just climbing…

Im try again … :D

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Did you stall out or was the rate of ascent within autopilot parameters?