Certain Liveries for Heavy Aircraft Free

Hey guys!

I just had an idea. Please let me know your thoughts!

What if for each (or at least some) heavy aircraft, the devs made one or two liveries free, and the rest Pro only. Similar to the XCub.

This would allow pilots who cannot afford Pro to be able to enjoy many of the heavy aircraft, but very limited to a capacity that still encourages them to buy Pro to get more liveries.

What are your thoughts? Feel free to say whatever you’d like.

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Well, I don’t think it would make sense to give us just a few liveries if we already have the aircraft itself, with all other liveries. If you want additional liveries, you can always buy a Pro subscription.

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I thought of this because this is how the XCub is. Although it’s not a heavy aircraft, we non-Pro users can still enjoy it, with some liveries locked.

I think from my perspective it would be nice, but I think from the devs prospective it might be easier to convince people to buy pro if they keep many of the planes locked.

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Yeah, but the XCub is different. There are 2 different versions of the XCub cockpit. It would be hard to implement this in airliners, as there’s manly 1 cockpit.

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Ah. I see. That is a very valid point.

It could have still cost them a lot to make it.

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All are valid points. Thanks for sharing your thoughts. I just thought it would be a good idea, and wanted some more opinions 🙂

While I would like this, I think the Devs need to have some incentive to purchase a subscription


exactly as the new planes will have more accurate flight models and physics and liverys, everything will cost lots of money. And practically giving them away will not give most a reason to buy the subscription other then the fact of global…


That actually does make a lot of sense. I forgot about the price it takes to obtain aircraft, liveries, copyright, etc.

Well I would love to use heavy aircraft but the devs use money to make the aircraft so they will lose money if they do that

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I believe Deercrusher said awhile ago, something like “If someone donated millions of dollars would the devs do something like this” Not word for word. But similar. Meaning unless the devs got a ton of money would they make more areas free and so on. I think. Don’t quote me on anything here. As it’s from memory lol

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The people that can’t afford subscription if they own a Xbox One X will wait until 2020

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