Certain amount of specific planes on live

So I was at KLAX the other day and there were about 10 VC25 (Air force one). So I thought that there should be a limit to the amount of special planes allowed on live at any one time. For example there are only two VC25. So if more than two were already there. You couldn’t spawn in on it. This could work for the spitfire or other aircraft where very few are around.

What’s your thoughts?


Very realistic-ifing idea. I pretty much like it

What do you mean by pretty much?

I’m all for this idea! Not sure how they could implement the code for it though, but I support the concept.


I mean I like it 2/3

Everyone can fly the livery that they want.
Doesn’t Matter plane count imagine an X livery event
Just avoid same “Air Force 1” callsign
So no. I dont like this idea


Agreed. Everyone’s a paying member. If they want to fly a certain livery then they should be able to, regardless. There’s a line between realism and fair with regard to IF. Not allowing someone to choose a livery they purchased is not a fair solution. Not to mention there really isn’t a problem here. Celebrate a popular aircraft choice, don’t condemn it.


I disagree. Like others have said, no one should have to fly planes they don’t want to fly or like. Just because some aircraft aren’t flown often doesn’t mean people should be forced to fly it.

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If statements i guess

Although i kind of agree I do think people should be able to fly what they want since they paid for it. You say it is unrealistic but when the 787 came out everyone was using the 787. Everywhere I went there was a 787 which is unrealistic. Maybe this should be implemented on the expert sever for those who fly seriously. No everything is realistic in the game ( not saying the game is bad just pointing out thing ) such as… is the ground flat ? Are there no terminal buildings at JFK and other airports , where are the cars ? This game was made for all flyers spread the airplane love. Do I go ranting when I see a southwest 737 in London Heathrow . This game is pretty realistic , but you saying people flying the same type of aircraft or livery is unrealistic is not really doing anything . Is the whole game realistic ? I’m not trying to get mad at you I still think your a cool guy and I don’t want you ti hate me since where in the same VA so don’t take this the wrong way.


That is a good point. I agree with you. I just meant it for certain types of planes. It was just a suggestion


This is a FLIGHT simulator not a AIRLINE simulator, let the people fly all of the planes that they want that’s why they paid

What would we do for events using one of these aircraft?

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