CEOs of IF VAs who there airline are Real-life member of OneWorld Alliance

Owners of a One World Airline pleas comment below so I can add you to a private group chat to discuss some things :)

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I have Qatar and Finnair

It’s a bit strange that you’re asking for the owner (of which is probably a multi-millionaire) on a flight simulator forum, no?

No I changed the title as best I can to refer to Infinite Flight

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Ahaha, well, I rushed it, as I only wanted to make it simple

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Hi Colon,

Do not add me to this chat, I’m calling @QantasVirtualAirways the CEO of Qantas Virtual Infinite Flight to comment below if interested apart from that, if he doesn’t we aren’t interested.

I want to sign up Air Berlin VA. Both @Noroftheair and I are the CEO’s.

@americanairlinesif if you’re intrested 🙂

I would join, but already have the alliance Jetliance

CEO of American Airlines VAIF, Liam Boyer

Not sure if this is still active. But British Airways has just restarted.

Their name is Mackinze Rodgers is the owner.

Yes who I worked for. He operates under that account.

Pretty sure they haven’t

Your VA was closed by @Carson

Here is the new one.