CEO Of Virgin Australia Leaves The Airline

Virgin Australia’s CEO Leaves The Airline

Virgin Australia CEO, Paul Scurrah, is leaving the airline. There of been plenty of rumors that emerged about this possibly happening in the past while, and it has finally been announced that he will be leaving Virgin Australia behind. Paul became the CEO in 2019, March to be exact, and there were cracks between him and the employees of the airline immediately. They didn’t always connect perfectly together, which led to a very big downfall. Since he left, Ms Hrdlicka will become the new CEO of Virgin Australia. She also had some experience at jetstar, which is one of the biggest competitors, so she knows the in and outs of how to compete. What do you think about the story?


Interesting. CEOs must have a good connection to the employees, otherwise it won’t work and from what you wrote this was what in the end caused this.

Let’s hope that this will lead Virgin to its old strength once this crisis is over.

Thanks for the information!


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