CEO of multiple VAs?

Hey everyone. I have a strange question.

Is it allowed for somone to own/create multiple VA’s at once?

(I am not thinking of creating another VA, just curious)



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No it is not, IFVARB says a person can only be a owner/founder of one VA. Only one Virtual Airline per account is permitted.


But you can work for one (like preparing events or stuff) and own another right…?

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I think so, you can work and manage one VA, but being CEO in two I think it is not possible.


I hope being CEO for two is not possible.

CEO - No
Admin position - Yes, as long as both VA allow it.
Pilot - Yes, as long as both VA allow it.

Please check with each of your own VAs as each may have different rules.

You can be CEO of one and an in admin position of another as long as both allow it. Many VAs have rules prohibiting admin members from being an admin in other VAs.


This was one of the reason that IFVARB was founded as there was too many people who were founding multiple VAs or holding several High Level positions in multiple VAs or VOs. This diluted the quality as it takes time and energy to successfully run a VA and so as all these VAs were popping up and then dying away again the IFVARB was founded to bring a little bit of order.


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