Centurion in Barcelona!

After a week of being caught with work and other priority things, I finally got a flight done! Pretty much the route info says it all on what I few but I’m happy that I got it all done!

Departure Airport: Barcelona (LEBL)

Arrival Airport: Miami Int Airport (KMIA)

Aircraft: Bombardier McDonnell Douglas MD-11F (Centurion Cargo now operated by Alstom Cargo)

Duration: 9 hours and 24 minutes.

Server: Expert

Time of screenshot: 10:45AM CST CHICAGO.

Photo edited with Lightroom.


Nice to see the underrepresented liveries get some attention

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Are the MD-11Fs underrated? Sheesh I can see why as most prefer the newer stuff. 😔

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Yeah, I’d have to say I don’t see the MD-11 all too much in this category, let alone the Centurion livery.

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