Centurion Air Cargo Boeing 747-400F

Source: my personal photo

Even though Centurion Air Cargo ceased operations in June 2018, this would complete the fleet for the airline in Infinite Flight. We have the MD11 (which I’m grateful for) however this livery should be added whenever there is a rework for the B747.

*completes Centurion Air Cargo liveries in the app
*more cargo liveries
*additional 747-400F liveries
*a new VA could be added since the fleet would be complete
*honor past a past/previous company & staff members
*diversify demographics

This would especially be meaningful to me because it’s the first 747-400F I have seen in person. It’s a gorgeous livery & it seriously needs to be added, please 😉
Come on cargo aviation fans & cargo VA, lets do this!

Quite unique! It’s too bad i’m out of votes

Don’t forget to vote for yourself!

I already voted 😉

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