Centre Line Nightmares!

Dear Infinite Flight community,

Hope all of you are doing great. I’ve been an Infinite Flight loyalist for about 6 years now and although I absolutely don’t claim to know a huge deal about flight technicalities, I just love aviation and everything associated with it. I’m hoping you can answer my question as it is literally taking the joy out of the whole experience of Infinite Flight.
After reaching 80 knots on take off the steering locks and I cannot tilt my device to the left or right to maintain centre line. Similarly after touchdown, I cannot steer the aircraft by tilting my device to the left or right to maintain centre line. I know my technique of tilting the iPad to maintain direction is not accurate but that’s how I’ve been doing it all along. Can you guys please explain to me in the simplest terms how I can maintain centre line (I believe it’s by using the rudder but when I tried doing it, the whole plane moved from side to side violently which is not at all natural). I would really appreciate your help. Thank you in anticipation.

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I’ve been using the heading bug since the update! And also the rudders help a little.

Hey, when on the ground you should certainly be using the rudder. Just make sure you don’t use too much of it, that’s why the plane jumps from side to side violently. Be gentle!


Exactly what he said.
You should also start turning your rudder before you land to make sure that your nose is straight on the center line. Don’t immediately tap the very right/left of the rudder slider. Instead, tap the center of the slider and then lightly nudge the rudder.
Do the same when taking off. Using the rudder is more accurate and easier, in my opinion.
Turn off Auto Coordination in the settings if you’re going to use the rudder.

use your rudder when on the ground not tilting your device,

Use the rudder slider in the bottom right as opposed to turning your device which activates aerilons.

Also go into settings and disable “auto coordination”, which will negatively effect your turning (thanks to @anon36571935 for pointing this out)

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I believe that he has Auto Coordination on.

There was a change made with the latest update that makes steering more realistic around turning the nose wheel at high speeds. This means you need to ensure you are lined up for takeoff and landing while applying the rudder for control.


The new stiffer rudder is kind of a huge pain. It does nothing if you’re going over 75-80 knots on the ground during take-off or landing. I liked the old rudder better.

If you need more training on making a precise centre line landing then maybe this could help?

  1. Open Infinite Flight
  2. Go to Settings.
  3. Enable “Landing Aid”, make the white box on the right side checked = A Orange check mark.
  4. Go in to IF Solo and practise approach or to go to Casual and do some patterns.

What this Landing Aid does that it shows red rectangles that’ll guide you on short final on the glideslope down to the runway. This way to have red boxes showing you the centre of the runway and by keeping your device steady you could practise landing on the centre.

This includes everybody who has it difficult to hit the centre line. And it’ll reduce error that could occur if you hit the runway on the diagonally. Practise with and without crosswinds. Use the rudder in the air on short final as you’re established on the localizer while you go down by the glideslope and then once you land. Reverse thrust (flare) and use the rudder to make adjustments. Don’t swing the rudder back and forth, use i gently but enough force to get some movements and effect.


At first I also wonder why, when touchdown, steering and heading can not work, and especially when speeds above 110 kts “heading and rudder”, it is difficult to move. And why like this, after Infinite Flight Global updated to the latest version, I started thinking like that, and after that I asked some people, then find out and it turns out, to create more realistic controls.If I fly everytime, Auto Coordination is always on and but use rudder when in the ground🙂😃

Use the rudder and make small adjustments. It takes getting used to but now I am I land either on or near the centerline. Do not over adjust but take it small and easy.

Thank you everyone for your help and valuable inputs. I guess I just have to start getting used to the rudder instead of tilting my device in either direction to control direction.

I really appreciate your help once again. BTW, can any of you point me in the direction of a good rudder tutorial? That would be most helpful. Thank you again!

Here is a good start! Jump in a GA and practice use of the rudder and you also get the benefit of adding to your landing count among other experiences ;)


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Thank you very much indeed. Let me try this out!

Just some food for thought. Start out with a crosswind that isn’t too high (< 10 knots) and work your way up from there as you gain experience.

Thank you Captain_JR for the very detailed explanation. Landing Aid is something that I use. My approaches are remarkably stable and I think my flare is pretty good too. My main problem is that after the last update I find it tough to maintain centerline as the steering is locked out at speeds over 100 knots. I’m trying my hand at the rudder but failing miserably! Even the smallest inputs I make result in the plane jumping from one side to another.

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Thank you. Will give this a shot!

Thanks again ChrisLevet232. I am going to start at low crosswinds as you suggested. Let’s see how it goes.

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Hey again. I visited the link you shared but the tutorial video is unavailable!