Centre confusion

Hello! I was wondering when can you tune into centre? I’m in BRISBANE airspace right now and it won’t let me tune into the frequency. Any advice would be appreciated! 😀


This is probably due to you being more than 270nm away from where the center controller is based at (what airport they selected to control the freq from).

As soon as you’re within 270nm of where the center controller is based, you’ll be good to tune in! :)


Thanks makes a lot more sense as there over 1000 nm away 😂 Ty for the help


while were at it, can multiple center frequencies open in one airspace? For example the airspace of the Melbourne based frequency is gigantic, could another controller also open center at sydney at the same time?


The centre frq. I was in, the controller left but I’m pretty sure they were in YBCS, again I’m pretty far out and not in SSY centre yet! 😁

Sorry for the bad spelling, it’s 5AM here.

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I have the same question also

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Yes, that’s correct!

We can have multiple center controllers controlling one FIR to split up the traffic load if needed as there are multiple frequencies available.

For example, Melbourne center’s airspace is quite large, so we might choose to split it up; ultimately designating a specific point in the airspace to send aircraft from one frequency to the other.

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awesome! Thanks luke!

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Hi there!

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