Central Valley Sunrise | Airbus A330-300 Delta | KSMF-KDFW

Hello everyone! Did a short flight from Sacramento to Dallas in the Delta A330, passing over some of the highest points of California’s eastern side of the central valley on departure, and a beautiful arrival into Dallas… take a look and let me know what you think!

Which one was your favorite?

Feel free to use these photos as long as you credit me!


That first picture is absolutely stellar! Nice job ;)

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Amazing shots! That A330 is in desperate need of a rework…

my opinion


Nice shots :)
The A330 really needs a rework (gear tilt etc.) !
@Rian_OShea agreed :)


All are beautiful, but the last… 🤯(is the best)

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Very nice!!!

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Thank you! I really like the last photo as well. Wallpaper material :O

Wow, you totally nailed the sunrise/sunset pictures! ☀️

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Why do people always fly Delta heavies to DFW 😒

Nice shots otherwise.