Central Japan/Eastern Asia

But when the plane is built and goes on its first flight, what does it do first? Rotate.

@Narroc_Wim : North Korea’s Tourism is Growing right now. About a Month Ago, North Korea’s Tourism Board Made an Exhibition and it attracted many Tourist (Especially from Europe and US). I Think if North Korean can be more “open” to tourist. There will be a potential Tourism market on there (I accidentally touched reply button on @Boeing707 😅 Sorry) Sorry for being off topic

There’s an Air China Service to there actually

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Wish It Can be merged with Hong Kong Region, or (Maybe) Asian Region in Long Term 😁

Don’t veer off the discussion guys ;)

We can get Pyongyang International, North Korea; hopefully the Devs can model some villagers chilling on the tarmac, they do it in real life.


Max Sez. Lived and flew this Region for 5 years. Best Routes: Naha, Okinawa via the Islands to Taipei… Kadena, Okinawa-Clark/Cubi, Philippines… Fatima, Okinawa -up the Korean Peninsula to Osan. We call these the Geographic Bachelor Routes.

(Any old China Hands out there? Anybody do a Carrier Shot at the NAS Cubi Point OClub back in the day? Fact: NAS Cubi is now Cubi Point International (SBIA))

The Tokyo airports and Atsugi and yokota is what I want the most. Also Mt. Fuji.