Central Japan/Eastern Asia

I’d love to see this area of the world to become an actual region in IF. Maybe Korea too?
Comment your opinions :smiley:


Good idea:)

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I like this idea too. Good to have a variety of airports :grinning:

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Great idea, all of Japan, South Korea (don’t want to get shot down by Kim Jong Un lol), and some of China would be an interesting region!

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North Korea would be cool 😉

NRT, ICN, KIX, HKG CAN, SHZ, PEK, PVG, Okinawa, So many missing cities…

Special livery “Great Leader Airways” with Kimmy’s portrait pasted on it :joy:

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Why does North Korea have an airport terminal?

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sound good to me @jooeball

Because they have tourism and business traffic. Not substantial but nonetheless some traffic


But only Air Korio flights there. International flights to Russia and Japan.

You know what’s funny? Your user name is Boeing 707, but your user icon is a DC-3.

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And yours is Rotate but your icon is the tail of an stopped plane. Lol.

It will rotate someday.

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But first it’ll have to flare.

Why? It is parked so it will pushback, taxi and rotate and pull its gear up.

Because it needs to land before rotating again.

But when the plane is built and goes on its first flight, what does it do first? Rotate.