Central Andes region

This new region would be formed by the West of Argentina and the Metropolitan region of Santiago (de Chile). Airports in both regions are:

West of Argentina:

  1. Governador Francisco Gabrielli International Airport/El Plumerillo International Airport (one concrete runway, 36/18, 9137ft/2785m).
  2. Comodoro D. Ricardo Salomón Airport (two asphalt runways, 09/27 and 14/32, 4754ft/1450m and 9108ft/2778m respectively).
  3. Domingo Faustino Sarmiento Airport (one asphalt runway, 18/36, 8066ft/2460m).

Metropolitan region of Chile:

  1. Comodoro Arturo Merino Benítez International Airport (two asphalt runways, 17L/35R and 17R/35L, 12298ft/3748m and 12467ft/3800m respectively).
  2. Alberto Santos Dúmont Airfield (one earth runway, 18/36, 1380ft/421m).
  3. El Bosque Air Base (one concrete runway, 03/21, 6024ft/1836m).
  4. Chicureo Airfield (one asphalt runway, 05/23, 2755ft/840m).
  5. Curacaví Airfield (one earth runway, 10/28, 2296ft/700m).
  6. El Alba Airfield (one grass runway, 09/27, 1673/519m).
  7. El Corte Airfield (one runway, 11/29, 1640ft/500m).
  8. El Principal Airfield (one earth runway, 07/25, 1738ft/530m).
  9. Estero Seco Airfield (one grass runway, 16/34, 2798ft/853m).
  10. Entre Ríos Airfield (one earth runway, 09/27, 1500ft/457m).
  11. Eulogio Sánchez Airfield (one asphalt runway, 01/19, 3281ft/1000m).
  12. Hacienda Lipangue Airfield (one earth runway, 05/23, 2575ft/785m).
  13. Juan Enrique Airfield (one earth runway, 18/36, 1945ft/593m).
  14. La Victoria de Chacabuco Airfield (one earth runway, 03/21, 2952ft/900m).
  15. Lipangui Airfield (one earth runway, 16/34, 1476ft/450m).
  16. Los Cuatro Diablos Airfield (one earth runway, 08/26, 1837ft/560m).
  17. Mansel Airfield (one grass runway, 15/33, 2140ft/652m).
  18. Melipilla Airfield (one earth runway, 08/26, 1745ft/532m).
  19. Vitacura Municipal Airport (one asphalt runway, 07/25, 1804ft/550m).
  20. San Alfonso Airfield (one earth runway, 07/25, 2296ft/700m).
  21. Santa Teresa del Almendral Airfield (one runway, 01/19, 2624ft/800m).
  22. Verfrut Airfield (one earth runway, 16/34, 2755ft/840m).
  23. Viña Tarapacá Airfield (one asphalt runway, 09/27, 2181ft/665m).

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I’ve travelled extensively in that region - needless to say that region in IF would be beautiful to see!

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