Centers on the eastern seaboard is active

If you’re on the expert server, the entire eastern seaboard is active. 🤣🤣


Wondering what thats all about…

Seems to be a bit of a friendly collab together between some members in the community. Why not give them a shout out and show appreciation for their motivation!

Center goes brrrrrr (I am South East US Centers controller)

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Brrrrrrrrr … I’m doing Cleveland, Boston, Washington, New York and Toronto!

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I’m currently flying from LAX to MSP. DELTA 3406 B772

Unfortunately, you will not pass through any of out centers

I will once I get to MSP. Depending on how long you’re gonna be active, I’m flying to ATL maybe with the BCS3 or A321

We will be closed by then, sadly

Ok. When is the next event

This isn’t really an event, we are just controlling a bunch of centers.

@NightHawk and I just closed up! Thanks for all the support, it was a fun session.

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