Centerline needs improvement

Hi IFC, as you can tell my the title, my centerline really needs improvement. My approach has been really improving (thanks to you guys :) but every time I get close to the runway, even though I have my phone as still as possible, I keep drifting off the centerline. The winds btw are at 0 knots. Any suggestions?

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Have you made sure you have calibrated your device?

My typical reply would be to use rudder to keep centre line whether windy or not

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Oh yes, I calibrated

Then I would recommend as stated above to use the rudder! It can help you out a lot

This really depends. I would recommend to use the rudder seconds before touching down. But, you mentioned that the winds was 0 knots, so I don’t really know why it’s hard for you for you to aim for the centreline. You can send us the replay through and we can help you solve the answer.

Edit: Just to note, practice makes perfect! Hit the solo approach mode and keep trying!

Thanks! I don’t know if it’s just my poor skills, or something else, it’s probaly just me.

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Exactly how much rudder though? I don’t want to abuse it.

You will have to use enough to get the plane straight and land on the centerline!

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