Centered text not working on a drop down list

Hey everyone!

In this topic,

I have all Terminal drop down lists centered except for Terminal A. The gates in Terminal A are visible without having to click the dropdown. Anyone know how to resolve this?

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Could you try and leave a space between the [details=…] and [/details]

It should always be like this:

<div align=center>





Just make a new drop down and copy all the information in the old one and paste it to the new one. (:

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You forgot to close the function div.

paste </div> after the terminals

Nothing is working?!

Doesn’t it work with this format too?

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You can use div without the " " too.


There we go! It finally worked! Thanks everyone Thomas for your help!

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@moderators this thread can be closed!

Just use the flagging tool. No need to tag all the moderators for a simple thread closure:)