@grxninesix I better stop if I was you, you’re playing with Lucifer.

It pays to do your research before voicing your understandings on a public forum my friend! :)


@grxninesix…MaxSez: “We” is that the Royal “We” or do you have a mouse in your pocket. IF is not kindergarten! One is expected to come to class prepared. Some call it homework or possibly ground school. One must lead, follow or get out of the way! Pick one. End

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calm down, dont offense please

@grxninesix… Odiously English is your second language. I’m calm and LOL.
If you chose to continue this send me a PM.

You’ve upset Lucifer now.

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That’s not very nice


Guys please stop guessing and throwing false info out. A simple Google search and READ the whole thing will stop false info flying around.

Always remember the first and most important rule in teaching info in aviation.

PRIMACY -" the state of being first, often creates a strong, almost unshakable, impression. For the instructor, this means that what is being taught must be right the first time."

As future aviators it is paramount to pay attention to detail. Don’t just read bits and pieces. @Brandon_Sandstrom has answered it perfectly.


I only wanted to know what Center did lol


No worries mate. It’s a good question. My response wasn’t directed to ya ☺

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