I was wondering you know on ATC there is ground tower and Center what is Center? Like what does it do

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Center controls aircraft at altitudes of 18000ft and up. It vectors pilots in such way that they not crash against others.


Here is some basic info.

@legofiure1… MaxSez: Google & Wiki are your friends. They should be your first choose when searching for an ansewer on an aviation technical point. Here’s the Wiki explanation for an “ATC Center”;

"In air traffic control, an Area Control Center (ACC), also known as a Center (or in some cases, en-route, as opposed to TRACON control), is a facility responsible for controlling aircraft en route in a particular volume of airspace (a Flight Information Region) at high altitudes between airport approaches and departures. In the United States, such a Center is referred to as an Air Route Traffic Control Center (ARTCC).

A Center typically accepts traffic from, and ultimately passes traffic to, the control of a Terminal Control Center or of another Center. Most Centers are operated by the national governments of the countries in which they are located. The general operations of Centers worldwide, and the boundaries of the airspace each Center controls, are governed by the ICAO.


not 18000 and up…

That’s what I was told.

I thought it too till Tyler or aeronaut cleared it up in a post

So its from 11000ft and up?

U r kinda correct

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@Cessna_Citation_X @Sturmovik It says above 18000ft, not at or above 18000ft.

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Did u read it fully @Godzilla_Gamer?

@Cessna_Citation_X Well, if there is no Approach or Departure, then below 18000ft is ok. But it’s normally above it.

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  • Ground: Pushback/Taxi/Runway crossing
  • Tower: Takeoff
  • Departure: From takeoff to cruise alt.
  • Center: Cruise and first half of descent
  • Approach: guiding aircraft in for landing
  • Tower: landing
  • Ground: taxi to gate/runway cross.

I know that. We were discussing Center’s operational altitude.
Thanks anyways.

Center controls from 1,500 ft AGL to FL600 I contact center on VFR flight quiet low in altitude. Approach is roughly 30 NM and 10,000 ft. For Bravos and less for Carlie and Delta’s.


He’s asking what Center is fellas, no need to give him all the other frequency info.

Sir this frequency isn’t really used much since the length of our flights aren’t long. Once we have longer routes this frequency can be used. It’s basically the frequency in the middle. It handles aircraft traveling mid flight and will usually guide them to there airport or change them to approach or another center.

The FL180 reference came about referring to High altitude Center operations there are actually 3 altitude segments that center controls under. And then it’s split into regions like Los Angeles Center, San Francisco Center, Seatle center and so on.
FL180 is only the transition from Echo airspace to Alpha airspace. VFR traffic is permitted to fly in Alpha airspace in the US anything at or above FL180 is strictly IFR. In the beginning stages of IF that was the norm for Center operations but we have since revised this to be more like RW operations. Refer to AIM 5-3-1 for more information or go to and look up the Pilot’s guide to areonotical knowledge. Research to find your answers don’t rely on an open forum with a 1,000 different opinions.


MaxSez. I never saw so much "I know it all"in my life as on this Forum. You guy would attempt to prove yourself right no matter what. For once would you please research your comments before you vomit all over the page. The ansewer to Centers responsibilities to included it height and area of interest are as Mr. Sandstromb wisely cited above. He research the answer! Pls stay off the page if your gonna pontificate and pull it out of your butt.


It’s whatever your cruise is.

We are in a forum and it look like its interesting to discuss about aviation here, we are a community of users, we can speak about our different levels of aviation skills. Helping the unskilled people in a friendly community, no send him to Google or Wikipedia…