So I was flying out of San Jose yesterday and I heard the Air traffic controller tell someone to contact Center. I thought center was removed because of overnight flights. Is this a glitch?

Wired Center was removed.Its an Airport Editing glitch I know that for sure

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There are some frequencies that have center in the name. It is not an actual “center” frequency.


In this case, San Juan hasn’t been edited in nearly 2 years. The airport has the “Center Frequency” on the Approach Type. That’s why this airport and all other airports with “Center” are showing like that. I’ll fix that quickly for TJSJ. It will now show 119.40 MHz for the Approach Frequency and 120.90 MHz for the Departure Frequency when you are being told to contact a different controller.

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For all future inaccuracies, don’t be afraid to post another topic. You can also fill one of these out… This is an airport inaccuracy form and they will be sent directly to a supervisor to take a look at.



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