Center Radar Worries me. What about you?

Center radar is coming to IF. Sometimes I avoid controlled airports because of the overwhelming congestion. IFATC does an awesome job to keep everything organized, but a busy airport sometimes adds 30-40 minutes of flight time. I am worried that center radar will now move the constraint of busyness from the immediate airspace to the entire route. Now we will have many flights shooting for a STAR, which means when things get busy we will be backed up 100’s of nm from the airport. AND what’s troubling is the center radar has a huge jurisdiction, and may effect you even if you are not flying into a controlled airport.


It will be different but that is it. You will get lots of tutorials explaining it in detail. It was also addressed with the center. If you are inactive you will be left alone. The SID and STAR are for the pilot to make it easier. You don’t have to use it, but it makes sense and is realistic.

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There’s nothing to worry, they have already clarified that ATC won’t ghost you if you are not present, SID/STAR may sound complicated but overall it will increase the efficiency and realism of the sim. In fact, I am quite anticipated of this feature in the 20.1 update.


Center will probably actually help congestion, reducing your wait time.


Trust me it’s just new and nothing to worry about at all it’s just implementing more realism into the the simulator. It will become natural for all of us eventually.

Controllers like myself will be lenient with pilots new understanding of Canter especially and with understanding SIDS and STARS.

We are all lurning together and feel free to ask questions. We are a community after all to help you out when you need.

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Thanks! I didn’t even think about the fact often on long hauls I am not even around to respond to any ATC.

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Center will help congestion, if there are a lot of flights heading to the same destination they’ll be able to get aircraft in order well before the approach. It may add a couple minutes to your cruise, but it’ll be less time than you currently spend on approach when the approach controller is getting 20 aircraft organized 50nm out from the airport. STARs are designed to reduce the controllers workload, which mean the controller can work more efficiently and potentially use multiple approaches to get more aircraft down faster

Many STARs have snake patterns that approachused to setup manually. So those are no longer necessary. Additionly I think center can see FPL so they won’t bother people passing through an airspace.

I’m not that worried because i think it will be self-explanatory

Multiple STARs will get more aircraft on the ground and approach can be more focused on spacing and not vectors

I’m very much looking forward to Center. Remember, as long as you read on the user guide and understand basic communication for overflights, climbs, and descent, you’re fine. Trust me it will be a gradual learning process with the integration of SIDs, STARs, and Center. I’m looking forward to having ATC during cruise.

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We had center before and did not have any issues. It will be a great way to help out when needed and allow for some very cool organized events with ATC along the full route. I think people are thinking too deep into it.


I can see how this may worry you but fear not! The center controllers will be able to tell if you are at your device or not based on if you have made adjustments or not in the last few mins. Everything will be explained later and once the update is released, we will get tutorials.

Sorry for sounding dumb. Could someone please direct me to the page that explains clearly and in-depth what a Center is supposed to do in IF? I’ve searched btw - but only found conversations that needed advanced prior knowledge about Center - I need a simple explanation of what it is. Anyone? Thanks and apologies in advance.

In very simple terms - center is the next ATC you contact after ground - tower - departure; when starting your flight. Then in the real world, you stay in touch with a center freq throughout your flight, unless you are flying in remote areas not covered by any frequency (typically atlantic or pacific oceans). Then before landing the order of ATC contact is center - approach - tower - ground.
So center freq will guide you during the later climb phase, cruise and initial descent phases. Does that help?


I think it’ll be fun but I do have one question. I know you show “away” after you don’t touch your device for a specific amount of time, but how long is that time?

From the looks of the “Center” tutorial on the User Guide - it looks like only a couple of minutes

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Ah thanks! I looked but I apparently didn’t look hard enough 😂

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MaxSez: SIDs/STARs… Centers & No Airways an interesting development!
Significant learning curve here…

Presently “Holding Points” for “B” are not utilized often & the promised auto Holding 360 program for Approach procedures has never been introduced.

Pleased Ghost’s have been de-activated in 20.1. that assures the Grade 3 ranks don’t ballon due to anticipated initial confusion, great gaggles, extended Approach Conga Lines & Separation of Plain Types! Only VFR, IFR “Visual-Rway in Sight” for me initially.

@Spartandefense… Well Said, Noted. A bit early to speculatete there may be secrets in the anticipated sauce!


it looks like is complicated