Center Problem

when flying over a bunch of Centers and your AFK on a long haul, what’s the tip so you don’t get reported while flying - i’ve noticed nobody’s asked this

If you are away, the controllers can see if you are inactive. If there are no conflicts and you are just cruising along, everything should be fine.


Hey man, no worries. I think it was asked already, but I’ll try to answer this for you. When you reach your cruise altitude and you don’t touch your device for about 30 sec the center controller can see in his interface if you are active or not. So you won’t be reported if you leave your device while cruising. But don’t do the Same while your depart or approach your destination;)

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Adding onto Levet’s and Black_Bird’s comments above, this is from the ATC Manual:

But keep in mind that being unresponsive (i.e away) while ascending and descending may result in a violation in case of conflicts.


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