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My landings in the A320 family have been pretty shocking recently and way off centre line. Is there any times to keep on the centre line on the approach as I seem to veer of course on approach and go over the glide.


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Yeah I can totally agree that landing the Airbus family is a challenge. Here are some tips that I use:

  • when on final, make small adjustments
  • don’t overcorrect because the ILS is very sensitive close to the runway
  • try to land between 130-150kt
  • flare slightly otherwise your nose gear will slam down

Rudder will be your winning ticket. I’ll direct you to the latest Infinite Flight Webinar that was hosted a few days ago. This exact thing was covered in the cast. I have linked the webinar redirect for you to take a look at. If you start the video at 18:12, @RAH will guide you through how to make a good cross wind landing and how to plan accordingly.


Thank you!!! What alt do you flare? I normally aim for 20 feet but I end up floating half way down the runway

The A320 family and it’s tendencies don’t really require a lot of flare. I’ve noticed that you have to just fly it down and stick it down on that touchdown zone. They aren’t)t always greasy, but at least you’ll get down safely.

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I normally will flare at 20ft AGL. Just not too much or you will float down the runway and slam down

The B737 and A32X families have a very noticeable ground effect, and generally dont require you to flare as you would when flying, for ex, the A359

I focus more on not floating when landing these two aircraft families, and as stated above by DeerCrusher, rudder is always your best friend in crosswinds

A320 is compact aircraft and i love when i used it, also A320 Family is ‘fun to drive’. For me, if you using a small aircraft or smaller then, Rudder is more functionable for it.

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