Center line

I use live cockpit on A320 but I can’t do approach to runway exactly because there’s no center line of hud.

How do you land without HUD? And real life?


IRL it takes tons of practice. That’s really all It takes.

I must say we have all been spoiled by the HUD. When live instruments are introduced, it takes me everything I have to not bring back up the HUD on approach.


That’s really true. I’m going to practice more!


Also IRL, and through the sim, if you stay using one type for a while you start to remember what part of the cockpit window, or dash, aligns with the center line.


I mean it’s pretty much the same thing as keeping center on the taxiway. I think the rule of thumb is to keep the centerline right down the middle of your body


Keep your aiming point from moving up or down across the windscreen and keep the centerline nice and straight. You can also glance down and see if you’re lined up with the localizer if you want another reference.

Make small corrections and don’t forget to account for wind.

Hopefully your approaching on glide slope and maintaining correct heading etc … until you reach a distance where you can see the runway easy enough then to maintain centre line you want to sort of line up like so … obviously wind / weather / time etc all that make it more difficult …

Each to their own but that’s the guide I use to help line my self up before touch down . 🤷‍♂️


Since when do you have live cockpit on the A320, IF is still working on that right?

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Literally released yesterday lol


oh lol, don’t have the update yet

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Thank you so much! Yeah it’s actually harder than previous ones but it’s super cool because of the realistic design.

I currently use the first officer’s view and this image is really helpful!

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Its not yet on iOS I see, sad noises


No it’s on IOS already. And the statement that said “we are already spoiled by HUDs”…agreed.

Then sadly enough I don’t have the update yet on my iOS device.

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I know this isn’t related to the A320, but I know for the B737 you can use the red and yellow/orange warning lights as a sort of ‘line-up’ kind of point. To do so, line up the centreline/taxi line between the two warning lights and it should be centred. This obviously will be affected by the crosswind component but practice is a major part in perfecting different phases of flight. What are you waiting for? Go practice!


Hey guys, can someone tell me what the source gps/ nav1 does because when I press it it litterally does nothing

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I believe it changes the functionality of the cockpit display (I can’t remember which one) to be able to see the glideslope/localiser indicators. This can be seen on the XCub where it changes the compass on the PFD.

Hope this helped :)

i was practicing a crosswind landing without HUD although the nav display shows wind speed and direction but i can’t feel where my aircraft nose is at LOL


Haha practice practice practice they say…

It makes it so much harder without the HUD. You can always turn it on I guess

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and more fun

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