Center line on airport

How do I know if I’m on the yellow line at a airport when I’m in first person view(cockpit view)?

I assume you mean taxiing? If you’re in cockpit view, the HUD should be slightly off to the left of the centerline.


It depends on the plane but what i do is after pushback make sure im on the line then go in the cockpit and use something in the cockpit to know when im on the line like a marker. Personally i use the pitch indicator not sure what its actually called tho

In real life pilots line up with the centerline as if it is underneath the seat in which ur sitting in. I use this in the plane aswell also u can find a spot on the dashboard.

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Yeah, it basically is because of how high above it you are. Some people think that when you’re in the Left seat it would be a lot farther to the right but it really is right under you.

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