Center Issue

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I was trying out the Center Position in the ATC today. It was all going well. However, I am not able to contact some aircraft.

For example, I heard one aircraft calling to me for request to descend via a STAR. However, the aircraft that called me was not on the map or the list of aircraft on frequency. He called me multiple times, but I was not able to respond. Also, not every aircraft in the Center coverage is showing up on the map.

Is this an issue, and is it already known? Or is it supposed to be like this?
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It could be they still on 19.4 :(

Oh. So they haven’t updated yet, but it’s still possible for them to contact center?

Can they still contact you?

Yes, they are contacting me. However their message doesn’t pop up, and their aircrafts aren’t visible on the map as well.

What center FIR were you controlling?

I was controlling Fukuoka FIR, which covers Japan.

Fukuoka FIR a spans roughly 2200nm’s from its northernmost point to the southernmost point. Currently Infinite Flight Center Max Emitter Range is only 400-430nm; however, aircraft can tune into the FIR frequency before being within the ~400nm range! So there was a good chance that the aircraft was way out of your viewing and emitter radius thus you not being able to communicate or see most of your pilots. In the map above, you’ll see the full Center Region along with 3 lines spanning out from RJTT. Each line is 420NM’s long - that’s the distance around that airport that you would’ve had control over.

Since this is the first iteration of FIRs in Infinite Flight, the Infinite Flight Staff will monitor issues like this accordingly and might adjust in the future.

Sorry for the issues! Glad I could clear this up… Let me know if you have any further questions.


Ah, I see. Thank you so much! This topic can be closed now.

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