Center HUD view

Center HUD View
The current HUD view is basically the normal cockpit view without the cockpit. It would be great to have a centered HUD view, which would help a ton with maintaining centerline.

isnt that already a thing?

Do you mean to have the HUD in the horizon inside the cockpit? (because since a lot of updates in some planes it aims a few degrees down)

For Hud, there is; Cockpit + HUD view (Which you can move. There is a Regular HUD view (Which isn’t moveable but fixed to the horizon). And there is No VC which is moveable.

Can you be specific about what you’re talking about?

As in the view is slap bang in the middle of the plane, like the nose

That is the HUD view (immovable), or you can use the No VC and add the HUD overlay and it will work the same. I dont see any practicality in coding a brand new camera to be put into the nose when what we have already works pretty well

You can just use your FPV to do tgis

The bottom point of the HUD is the center of your plane. If you line that up with any centerline, you’re on that centerline. I’m not sure exactly what would be different in this feature