Center Guy trying to make me go to somewhere else.


He was trying to make me land in a runway which is closed

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Technically runways are never actually “closed” even if they’re in red you can still land on that side if the ATC allows it. It just means that there is worse wind conditions on that side.

You can land on red runways. You follow the controllers orders.

Please PM the controller directly next time.


Yes but I didn’t request anything from the Center guy he just told me to turn 090 I didn’t do it because I thought it was a mistake then he threatened me with “Please follow instructions” so I did it he was takeing me away form my flight plan.

I couldn’t find him also I don’t like Landing on red runways it’s harder

His name is @JeebakR

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Did you search his name? I found him immediately…

do you not see how busy it is ? Follow ALL Instructions


Yea the last time a ATC told me to follow instructions I got a instant ghost

We are using 02. Why would I take u for a closed runway


Yes but it’s harder to land on it

Where are you in this picture? The 02’s were active–you can tell that from your screen shot…

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I was trying to go to 02 look at the left hand side i was told to go to 20 which is closed

Left hand side of what? I see no ATC instructions on your screen shot? What was your cal sign?


Why in the world would this go to support?

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OMG center was sequencing me behind other traffic how dare they.


Support is for technical issues. This is a judgement based issue. The app here is working fine:)

We have made it abundantly clear, that when you are in communication with ATC, you are to FOLLOW ATC instructions. Your flight plan then becomes void. Controllers will try to keep you on your FPL if they are able. If not, then you follow ATC’s instructions without fail.

There is an event in progress and traffic going into WSSS were landing of 02L/C. I do not see where the Center controller was sending you to either 20C/20R. He instructed you to turn to 090 for a reason.

If you do not want to follow ATC instructions, you are more than welcome to fly on the Free Flight Server. Your complaint holds no validity. If you have any questions, feel free to PM me. Thanks.


Nah… Should have come to PG when I was controlling ;)

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