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Is there a reason I continuously get on guarded by Center even if I’ve been away for 2+ hours? I was under the impression if marked as away or inactive, you would not be contacted.

Was this on training or on expert?

Hi, was this on the training server or the expert server?

Expert server… it happens literally on 80% of my long hauls. I’ve been on guarded while away for 5 hours.

If you go into your replay, you can find the controller and PM them directly to resolve this. Though I am not sure why you were on guarded.

Yeah I’m aware of that. I’m asking here because it’s happened with at least 10 controllers so I’m trying to see if I misunderstood the fact you would not be contacted if marked away.

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Yeah I believe it says in the ATC manual that controllers should leave you alone if you are inactive during cruise

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That was my understanding too. @Tyler_Shelton possibly something to look into as this happens on almost every long haul I do.

The ATC Manual (section 6.6.5) states that the controller should let the away aircraft alone and assume that all conflicts produced by them are unintentional. The key word, is “should”, which means it’s not an obligation for the controller.

So yes, an aircraft can be on-guarded while being away.

Feel free to check more information on this post written by @Trio:


Thanks for that!


I´ll try to give a little insight from the view of a controller:
In general, when you´re away we don´t count you in for conflicts or commands, we simply leave you alone if possible. When opening Center, a lot of Controllers initially give all the planes in their airspace (outlined in white) an on-guard message as a “hello I´m here, it´s time to tune to my frequency” message. If you´re away and can´t react to this we won´t pester you with any further commands/on-guards since we´ve tried and failed, from this point onward we will simply ignore your plane on the radar.

If you´re descending/climbing, however we will on-guard you again after a certain amount of time since this is considered as a critical phase of flight.
I hope this helps!


Awesome, thanks for clearing that up. Makes sense.


To add onto Flying_Pencil’s point, when you are not on frequency, we cannot actually see whether or not you are away or active. We can only really see that when you are on frequency. Hope that helps give you an idea of what we see!

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