Center frequency

How do I know if a center frequency is open? also, what means the “Active flight information Regions”? in the menu

I believe center is only available on expert server
(Don’t quote me)
Are you in IFATC?

No, I can access it in Training Server

Oh I didn’t know that, @Diego_Blanco when choosing a frequency station it will tell you if it is open or not

Active FIR is center. To choose center, click on an airport inside the FIR and you will be able to select it, and any other center near by.

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Yeah but I mean when I’m flying…

You know if the center is open because when they are the region that they are controlling, lights up on the map.

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The area that is active will be highlighted in white


thank you !

thank you brother

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that shows active Centers actually

and Can I stay at that frecuencia as long as I want right? of course within the coverage zone

Did you mean tuning into center, or controlling center? I think you can tune into center in the list of ATC frequencies.

Does this answer your question?

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