Center frequency not responding

Hi everyone! Right now I’m in Melbourne center and for about 4 times I did “check in” and the controller didn’t reply.

Why were you checking in that much in the first place? They technically do not need to respond. Just a simple “XXXX, with you” will do. They know your there :)

Next time, your lucky, or they could have warned or if you continued, ghosted you for spamming freq.


should, as I am switched from one frequency to another. in fact he is responding to the other Pilots but he continues to ignore me, maybe a simulator bug. I am not spamming in the frequency since I sent “check in” every 3/4 minutes.

If the frequency is busy with people needing vectors, they need to prioritize that. They can’t just jump to you just to be like “Hey, I see you! Welcome!” They have to prioritize people who actually need help. Think of it like a store. Merchants stay and help the customer they are with. They can’t just leave them to say hi to you.

You are probably not their priority.

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is correct but I had the first contact with the frequency,however the controller was Cpt Hoss

Melbourne Center was being controller by @Captain_Hoss. Any questions PM him.

Melbourne is now inactive. I’m not sure what happened myself and won’t speculate. Controllers should generally reply with ‘radar contact’

Still, just because you are first does not mean you are a priority. Think of it like airplane boarding. Disabled and Elderly board first right? That’s because they need the help. Then you board, since your fully capable of boarding on your own.

Mmmmh I want to hope so but why did the other pilots who had to make a first contact answer it and not me? I don’t think the others were a priority, it will either be a simulator bug or the frequency too busy. However it doesn’t matter, let’s enjoy this fantastic 20.1!

That’s there spirit! Let’s focus mainly on the glorious update!

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With Melbourne Centre there are multiple frequencies to open for it as its such a huge range. Melbourne centre in real life has a a large amount of different frequencies to cover the airspace. Yes i heard peoples commands but those who were to far out and not showing up on my screen, I couldn’t reply to their request. So where I was open was more in the Sydney region and covers all the way out to about the border of New South Wales and Victoria. I hope helps and sorry for the inconvenience

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It is happening also for me. i will wait, and just request a star arrival later.

if you are more than 270nm away from the emitter airport then they will not be able to see you or respond, you can find out how far you are away by tapping the FIR on the map and clicking into it.


Oh ok got it 👍🏻

If he is not fly VFR he is also supposed to be a priority. The main purpose of ATC is separation of IFR traffic from other IFR traffic.

Separation of IFR traffic from other IFR traffic and participating VFR traffic. It is common for the ATC to not respond to VFR traffic because they are responsible to see and avoid

i somehow got access to anchorage center in amsterdam once

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