Center frequency has no Name value | Live API

With V20.1 we got Center frequency. Now at the moment the Live API will deliver NULL for the Name value. Are there any plans to to be able to get the data from where the Center controller is located. The app knows where the controller is since it will say Center at YSSY

        "FrequencyID": "5c46f5fd-d9e8-3fa4-6890-3cc5b5aed553",
        "Latitude": -33.9493,
        "Longitude": 151.1813,
        "Name": null,
        "StartTime": "/Date(1591714292289)/",
        "Type": 6,
        "UserID": "d01550bb-10b4-45d2-9ef7-fd892a7a2a94",
        "UserName": "RoyalJordanian"

We’ll work on the API for this soon


So just to clarify, Center ATC isn’t in the API yet? I have looked occasionally, but never really seen it.

Also if/when Center ATC is in the API, is it possible to have the official ICAO code of the Flight Information Region (FIR) of the Center that is online?

I already have coordinates for all the FIRs so this would work it will work like magic if I can just reference the ICAO code of the FIR.

Thank you!

Center frequencies are shown in the API, but their names are still displayed as “none”. It’s still on the radar to include at some point as part of some multiplayer improvements.

This is an example I just pulled from the API just now for reference. Note type: 6 too to detect if it’s center.

      "frequencyId": "9d9788df-2687-7e13-3dfe-598046b739e8",
      "userId": "634b2d71-3408-4039-a763-b3569c2c5114",
      "username": "yazen",
      "virtualOrganization": null,
      "airportName": null,
      "type": 6,
      "latitude": 42.940495,
      "longitude": -78.73061,
      "startTime": "2021-07-14 17:32:10Z"

Which network did you use? The Expert server? Because I still see nobody with “type: 6”.

That excerpt was from Expert yes, but I just tried on Training and there are two Center frequencies open right now

I see every ATC except type: 6 (Center) in the API. A bit frustrating to know but I guess I can’t use it anyways at the moment.