Center frequency fanatics

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Just out of question, why create a ‘NO FIR’ with, when from what I have researched it is not an official Center frequency?

It is a controllable frequency in game.

There is also Norway Center, so ‘NO’ isn’t short for Norway’.

This brings me onto another question, there are two Center frequencies between North and South America that are non existent. You can not click on these or use these Center frequencies.

I highly imagine this is known or is not an actual frequency (or incorrectly drawn) I couldn’t easily find any information on this. Link being that if ‘NO FIR’ is not a real frequency, then why create a frequency at all when other areas are unavailable to control like this one?

Did a very very quick IFC topic search, found nothing for ‘no center’ and similar results.


Ok thanks a lot hopefully people would know some

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