Center Control - Automatically Control Aircraft

I think that’s a really god idea like Trio said!

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Not bad. I’d vote if this let me set @anon66442947 and @Dillon_Lewis altitude to zero, their speeds to 500, and the VS to -20000 FPM


Thank you for reminding me. There would need to be a set VS for separate aircraft. Just thinking out loud, maybe if the controller says expedite it would increase/decrease the VS, automatically. And you can have generic system set minimum and maximum VS settings for each aircraft or different sets of aircraft.

Not that someone would need to expedite anything when they are with Center usually, I don’t know.

I hope to see this feature in the near future.

Hey @Trio I was just looking at a pic our resident pilot sent to our slack-this feature request (as it gets more thought thru and has community input) could wind up being like the CPDLC “text messages” that aircraft get when they’re in oceanic airspace (and other spots too)

-If a pilot is AFK during cruise and doesn’t respond, you could perhaps have an override set at a time limit or something.

-Perhaps pilots could pre-request altitudes/clearances as well?

The first one sounds interesting, kind of like a device notification type thing. The second one sounds like this feature request I made previously. 🙂

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Excellent stuff. Don’t forget step climbs too!
Perhaps something like
And a STEP CLIMB tick box. ICAO RVSM would be 2000’ iirc

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If it’s for realism and the procedures sound logical enough, I’m up for it.

What a great and interesting idea!

To keep it simple I think just filing one altitude would be better, for now. If step climbs could be added then, awesome!

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I don’t recall what the center was like before tbh. So long as nobody gets ghosted or violations for climbing I’m all good in the hood.

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I think this is a cool idea, but I think having a way to file attitudes and routes will be needed. For the AFk part, maybe it could be where there would be a button to go AFK that would be pressed by the pilot or would activate after 10 minutes with no manual flying.

That would be this request. 🙂

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Came here because I didn’t know this request was made. Vote casted.


I can still see problems with this. The “unable” response, while misused a lot, is there for a reason. Pilots exist in aircraft to make sure things go in a safe manner, and this includes ATC. If a plane physically cannot execute a command (or if the pilot may have denied it just in case), whether it be due to fuel, weight, weather, or another factor, there is nothing to stop the plane from doing so. If this were implemented, I would hope that controllers were advised/required to keep commands to an absolute minimum, especially with AFK aircraft, as there is very rarely conflict and a change in a flight route could theoretically mess the whole flight up. Plus, it’d be a very boring job. Being totally honest, it seems like there would be almost nothing for the controller to do the way I see it


If they want to say unable they should be present during their entire flight. Now read that sentence back and see how ridiculous that is.

Among many things, controllers would use radar to monitor the progress of flights and instruct aircraft to perform course adjustments as needed to maintain separation from other aircraft. Pilots may request altitude adjustments or course changes for reasons including avoidance of turbulence or adverse weather conditions, and controllers could provide advisories to other aircraft.

The argument that center would be controlled by trolls or uninformed individuals is ludicrous, this frequency could only be operated by highly trained IFATC Officers (or maybe even a new higher rank would be created for this new frequency).

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Okay fine your points are valid

Nice. Thread. But It would be only usefull if something else added to this thread.

  1. If pilot and can set their max. And min. Airspeed so that controllers command doesn’t stall the aircraft or hit the speed violation.

  2. Pilot also to set max altitude for the aircraft that their aircraft can climb to at that weight

  3. to get the speed change altitude from default FL280 to be set by pilot. Because sometimes while descending bellow fl280 you can be at different speed than what you want.

If controller asks anything beyond whats being set by pilot for the attributes that can be changed by controller and to what extent, the system should reply with unable by itself.

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I like the thought, but no. I could see your point if this were to be implemented on the training server, but since the request is only for the expert server that won’t be necessary. The pilots aren’t trained, but the controllers are. The level of experience and knowledge required to control a Center frequency would need to be higher then an Officer’s level of knowledge, and would probably only be reserved for ATC Supervisors.

I could see pilots setting unreasonable maximum and minimums. I would be in favor of system defaults though set for each aircraft (i.e. Service Ceiling, Maximum Cruising Speed, ect.)


You have my vote!