Center Control - Automatically Control Aircraft

Would love to see ATC_CTR back! The things we could do! Like cross the ponds and transcon flights! Dunno about controlling the whole plane-only if someone doesn’t respond maybe-this is a good idea Trio-needs to be fleshed out and developed a bit further. The 787 and A350 have ATC XFER ability-so when a command comes from ATC, they can transfer to the autopilot.

My only issue is this:
Say I plugged in on a transcon to grab a bite and come back 15 min later to find myself off course or at a different altitude to what I had filed? I’d be off on my fuel plan etc. i’d be a tad bit upset if something happened I wasn’t EXPECTING-that’s the only issue I see.

Only if they’re not near their device, if they’re near it then of course the pilot would have control of everything but would need to follow instructions. Maybe a button specifically for going AFK and the pilot would be help accountable if they didn’t click the button.

I wasn’t able to control when Center was around so unfortunately I don’t know all the ins and outs but it defiantly sounds like a lot of fun! I can’t imagine it wouldn’t just be small corrections to ensure separation and organization. A few other features like the ability to see FPLs on the map, new commands, ect. would need to be added in order for Center to be feasible, probably.


This-going AFK >15 min press AFK button

I think ATC should 100% be able to see FPL on the map ASAP! That way they’d have a better idea of who’s got procedures in and who doesnt-would help with vectoring etc.

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Tom suggested this which I really like.


This is some of the features that could be added, that some may say would be necessary for Center to be feasible. Some would just be nice to have, so to speak.

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I honestly think this is a really great idea! Very much needed especially when you get carried away from your flight and are in an active airspace.

Boy, another great request @Trio!

This would help controllers with inbounds a lot and would certainly be loved by so many of our great expert controllers.

Controllers should pass a test on this feature before providing center of this were to be implemented. Also, to prevent problems like assigning altitudes that are too high due to weight and stuff, the controller should be able to see all of the essential info about the plane in order to make a safe change to the plane.

Freed up a vote for this 😃

Yes! That would be essential as well.


I think that’s a really god idea like Trio said!

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Not bad. I’d vote if this let me set @anon66442947 and @Dillon_Lewis altitude to zero, their speeds to 500, and the VS to -20000 FPM


Thank you for reminding me. There would need to be a set VS for separate aircraft. Just thinking out loud, maybe if the controller says expedite it would increase/decrease the VS, automatically. And you can have generic system set minimum and maximum VS settings for each aircraft or different sets of aircraft.

Not that someone would need to expedite anything when they are with Center usually, I don’t know.

I hope to see this feature in the near future.

Hey @Trio I was just looking at a pic our resident pilot sent to our slack-this feature request (as it gets more thought thru and has community input) could wind up being like the CPDLC “text messages” that aircraft get when they’re in oceanic airspace (and other spots too)

-If a pilot is AFK during cruise and doesn’t respond, you could perhaps have an override set at a time limit or something.

-Perhaps pilots could pre-request altitudes/clearances as well?

The first one sounds interesting, kind of like a device notification type thing. The second one sounds like this feature request I made previously. 🙂

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Excellent stuff. Don’t forget step climbs too!
Perhaps something like
And a STEP CLIMB tick box. ICAO RVSM would be 2000’ iirc

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If it’s for realism and the procedures sound logical enough, I’m up for it.

What a great and interesting idea!

To keep it simple I think just filing one altitude would be better, for now. If step climbs could be added then, awesome!

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I don’t recall what the center was like before tbh. So long as nobody gets ghosted or violations for climbing I’m all good in the hood.

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