Center Control - Automatically Control Aircraft

That already happens today, and we have the ability to put someone in a hold already. 🙂

Right but does it do it automatically? I’ve never used it as IFATC so i wouldnt know :)

The circling over the airport/waypoint/fix is automatic already, it just does that. Not controller initiated at all.

The holding pattern is a controller command, you can watch this tutorial to get a better understanding of that portion. 🙂

Thanks for sharing. Cool to see this in action :)

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Really cool idea but I assume it would be only for the expert server. The potential for this to be abused is huge. Freeing a vote up for it.

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There is another request to make the holding instructions automatic- you can vote for it here

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Defiantly would need to be only on the expert server. 🙂


Didn’t see that 😂

I like this idea! But I have concerns, I feel like the controller might troll at times although it is IFATC which is the best of the best on IF. Also question, why was center removed? I liked it when you could contact them over FL250, (I think) and they’d vector you at such high altitude

Speaking in absolutes is sometimes risky - but I find it hard to imagine that any IFATC would ever troll


We don’t tolerate trolling of any kind.

Not trying to be rude at all but what do you mean exactly?

Only problems I see:

  1. If it’s abused
  2. If the pilot is changing heading/speed/altitude as the Center control changes it. Who has priority? What happens?
  3. Not really sure about how I feel about someone else controlling my aircraft…
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No worries - just saying that IFATC doesn’t troll

It’s a whole load better than sitting by your iPad for 14 hours on a long haul. Otherwise you either have to force people to be at their devices or center is pointless.

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The main reason why Controllers would love it, just to get our prospective. With the amount of inbound traffic in sometimes small regions can become very challenging, it would be much easier if like in the real world that we’re simulating, that we could organize Aircraft much better and have control over aircraft through every phase of their flight.

On approach it could help out tremendously as Center could put each aircraft in the correct postion, thus making everyone’s job easier and there could possibly also be less delays. Key word is organization.

  1. We’re IFATC, we don’t tolerate any level of misbehavior.
  2. When the aircraft is AFK, Center gives the command “Ascend and maintain 32000ft”, the aircraft would then ascend and maintain 32000ft automatically, with no input needed from the pilot. If the pilot was not AFK then center would give the command and then the pilot would change their own altitude to 32000ft manually, by themselves. Pilot’s controls, not automatic.

Violations are the only area that I see an issue. I know that IFATC wouldn’t intentionally overspeed an Aircraft and it would not be taken kindly to, but what would you do if this happened?

I think that it might be smart but also possibly complicated to disable violations related to speed while under the automatic control of center.

I like the idea and trust other IFATC but that seems to be a grey area.

Interesting idea but if the plane is under the control of the Center and the one is disconnected, is it that the plane will return automatically under the control of the pilot or not?

I could see trolls on training, perhaps make the pilot have too press a button to allow this happening. And it should have speed restrictions like a controller can’t ghost a plane that they are controlling and if the plane gets a violation, the vio goes to the controller not the pilot.


The plane would go to autopilot at the speed and altitude set by Center and the pilot would be in control.

The controller would be responsible for any violations accumulated under their control, you have to remember that most of the violations we’re talking about here occur under 10,000ft.

If there was a way to request a speed then there’s also another worry you may have, gone.

This is a expert server only feature.

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