Center Control - Automatically Control Aircraft

In the future, when Center gets added I think it would be crucial to have the following feature. The ability to control the pilot’s aircraft when they are not near their device (AFK).

What Am I Proposing:
When a Center controller gives a command to change one or more of the following:

  • Heading
  • Altitude
  • Speed

The aircraft would react automatically, as if the controller had control over the aircraft instead of the pilot, because the pilot is not near their device.

For example:

Scenario 1: Aircraft is AFK. Center gives the command “Ascend and maintain to 32000ft”, the aircraft would then ascend and maintain 32000ft automatically, with no input needed from the pilot.

Scenario 2: If the pilot was not AFK then center would give the command and then the pilot would change their own altitude to 32000ft manually, by themselves. Pilot’s controls, not automatic.

Ways that could initiate the handoff of control of the aircraft from the pilot to the controller

I feel this handover of control could be triggered by clicking NAV. By clicking NAV you are then giving up control to the controller.

Another option that some suggested below would be a button that’s in the systems menu to go AFK. Then control would be handed over. If the pilot failed to click the button they would be held responsible by ghosting, if they did not follow instructions.

Additionally, maybe this could be triggered after some short period of time AFK. Just like how low power mode comes on after a couple minutes away, controller control could too.

If aircraft were ever told to resume own navigation then the pilot’s aircraft would then go back onto their FPL route.

If an aircraft was on guarded they would automatically join the center frequency, with no need for pilot input.

Just wanted to preface that Center is not currently in Infinite Flight but was in the past. This feature would only be made available on the expert server. This feature could also possibly be used on other radar frequencies.

I’d love this tbh. Center is something that I think needs to make a come back. I think that LiveFlight could definitely have a part in this if it came to IF.


Love the idea - I think it might warrant it’s own button though. Something like “CON” (for control) - because id like the option to do it myself if I am at the controls, or have it automated while I’m away. It would also then make it possible to use it while on other radar frequencies (as you alluded to) - and it could also be implemented prior to having Center brought back. Going to free up a vote for this one.


I like that, I was on the fence on that portion. Just thought people would forget to click it.

This would be a massive help for controllers to help manage inbounds, and proactively sort out waves of traffic. This would be especially useful if we could see aircrafts’ flight plans as well.

Additionally, maybe this could be triggered after some short period of time AFK. Just like how low power mode comes on after a couple minutes away, controller control could too.


Great idea, but would have to only be on Expert.


I had thought about this - very briefly - in the past, because there are times when I’d like the autopilot to automatically make the changes when I select reply. However, my concern was that people would start using it as a crutch when on approach. And part of the fun of being vectored is remembering and accurately following the directions. So i can see why it’s easy to be on the fence - and it could easily be that the best solution is to leave it for Center only.

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It could also be used on departure, but defiantly not approach. That’s boring.


Yea for approach, pilots should be at control… But if they are afk on center then get handed off to appr then what would we do? Ghost them?

I think it would be handled in the same way we handle people that are AFK today, just let them be. Maybe keep them with Center or have a way to know they are AFK. Or put them in a hold somewhere near the airport.

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Ok, that’s just an interesting point i wanted to bring up because if we can “control” them on center and then they are supposed to get handed off to Appr and don’t… then center just controlled them for no reason and put them in a sequence. You get my concern? idk i love the idea im just playing both sides

Great idea! But I see people abusing this as a reason for them crashing. Ill leave a vote and I think this wil become handy in the future :)

Today when you reach your final waypoint you just circle the airport so instead, Control could put you in a hold at a safe altitude until you’re back at your device. No worry for you, just blame the controller if something goes wrong.

Same thing, it would be the controllers problem, not pilot. Those violations caused by people crashing in the middle of nowhere would be no more, as long as you’re with center. :)


ok i get it now! A cool feature is maybe add a way to make the plane automatically hold over an airport. it would be difficult but very cool

That already happens today, and we have the ability to put someone in a hold already. 🙂

Right but does it do it automatically? I’ve never used it as IFATC so i wouldnt know :)

The circling over the airport/waypoint/fix is automatic already, it just does that. Not controller initiated at all.

The holding pattern is a controller command, you can watch this tutorial to get a better understanding of that portion. 🙂

Thanks for sharing. Cool to see this in action :)

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Really cool idea but I assume it would be only for the expert server. The potential for this to be abused is huge. Freeing a vote up for it.

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There is another request to make the holding instructions automatic- you can vote for it here

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